Monday, November 14, 2011

search engine optimization

Yes, that's right. I'm using a wikipedia article as a source. Why? Because I searched "search engine optimization" in google, and wikipedia was a top result. Clearly, they rock at SEO. 

SEO is improving the visibility of a webpage or website in search engines. Search engines use algorithms to decipher what order your results appear in when you search. Generally speaking, the higher your site or page is on the search engine results, the more views/visits it will receive. 

If a company effectively uses SEO, it can be a great marketing opportunity for them. 

Article two presents 11 steps for using SEO for your company. From Keyword Research, to Web Analytics, it's important that you are SEO-conscious when you are creating your website, updating your website, or posting to your blog. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

there's an app for that


Section 4 of the first article discusses the ethical effect mobile apps are having on society. I think some really interesting points are made. Quicker communication, increased productivity, and entertainment at our fingertips can all be seen as positive impacts of mobile apps. It's all becoming increasingly more common. But at the same time, I can't help but wonder if we're lowering our quality of living. We can communicate instantly, which can be very helpful in some situations, but how is it effecting our interpersonal communication? And aren't there times when you wish you could just disconnect? Similarly, it's nice to have entertainment at our fingertips. Waiting at the doctors office is a lot less boring, but where in the past we may have talked to someone else and made a new friend, now we keep to ourselves and play angry birds. I think there are positive and negative impacts to all aspects, we just need to find a balance. 

Article two highlights just one blogger's favorite apps, but I think it expresses what we as a society find important. ShakeItPhoto- we want to share our lives and do it in style. Bloglovin'- we want to keep up on the latest gossip and stay "involved" in the lives of our friends. Grocery IQ- we want to increase productivity and simplify our lives. Again, I think that all of this can be seen from both a positive and negative perspective. The important thing is to find the balance.