Tuesday, September 27, 2011

traditional views

“But newspapers continue to perform an incredibly important function as informational gatekeepers – a function, as far as I can tell, that grows more important with time, not less. Between them, for instance, the Times and the Post have literally hundreds of trained professionals whose only job it is to sift through the mountains of information that come out of the various levels of government and find what is of value and of importance to the rest of us. Where would we be without them? We’d be lost.” - Malcom Galdwell (Via Article 1)

The Author of the first article disagrees with this quote, and I think I do as well. I think that as social media gets bigger and bigger, things like blogs depend less and less on newspapers. Yes, newspapers are gatekeepers, but each blog author is a gatekeeper themselves as well as the readers of blogs. 

I like the commentary in the second article about blogs having more readers than newspapers. I do think that newspapers are fading out. I think there is still a place and a market audience for them, but I also think people are finding that they like social media news outlets more and more. 

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